Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a week! Ben worked very hard this week, applying at many different jobs, and also working for his parents. He has also kept up on the house work, and cooked me dinner many times this week. Ben had a very successful interview at the local Olive Garden, he got a second interview all in the same day, they should let him know in the next week, so continue praying.
It was a very good week for me, work has been hard and stressful. I have been looking for a different job, for a company that would appreciate me as an employee. I think that this is a dream! But hay, it cant hurt to continue trying to move up as far as pay goes. I put in an application at a place called cybersource. I am going to follow up on Monday and see about this.. I will let you all know!
Ben and I went to the Goo Goo Dolls concert with my family this weekend, very very interesting. Ben had fun... I need to learn how to have fun, here are some pix.
This should be a fun week, we have the Halloween dance on Thursday with the Special needs, I will definitely take some photos, and we will also be starting school, so tell next week.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Well... We did it, we are going to school! I am so excited and believe it or not Ben is as well ! : D We will start on the 27th of October! Ben is working on an Associates in Business, and I will be working on my dream job.. becoming a teacher. I'm starting with their Associate program "Arts and Education"!

We are doing all of our classes on line! It should be interesting, I have heard good and bad things about this. My friend Ammie from work, her husband has been going to University of Phoenix for about a month, and she said that the only problem is that he dose it late at night, when all the halogens are on line, so the server is very slow, or sometimes not even able to function. The good thing about it, is well I can do all my assignments in my p.g's in my bed if I wanted to! We well see.

Oh hello, like almost the best part of this hole little story, is that Ben let me buy a lap top, so we will not be waiting for hours for the other to finish their assignments. I really can't wait and so realize that this is a HUGE blessing from our Heavenly Father. I think it's good to start now before the little Bishop's come. So here we go! Go, Fight, Win.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What A Day At Work

The good old Home Depot! As many as you know this is my second home, today at work I had an emotional brake down, started crying and left early!! I really don't know how people work retail all the their day long. As I reflect on my life over and over again, I go back to the same thing!! GO TO SCHOOL!! Someone keeps saying, hmmm?? Maybe just maybe its me. Ben is working diligently for his parents for the time being and I continue to baggier him, to get a job.. Yes I know I just need more faith!

So as I am at home sitting on my lovely bed ( that Ben made) doing research on on-line classes. Ben got a letter from the University of Phoenix in the mail and I stole it and have been talking to a counselor about going to School on line through there education program. I will give you more of an update, latter this week! POTCIT

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Start Of A New Life

Well... this is all new to me, a blog.. WOW, who would have ever thought that we would all be catching up like this, anyways. I'm Ashlie Danielle Bishop, formally known as Ashlie Danielle Park. The love of my life and I where married on the 3RD of May 2008, yes if you could guess we are newlyweds and I hope to stay that way for LONG TIME.. its amazing! Ben and I are now living in a basement apartment in Highland UT. just living the high life together. I am hoping that this blog is a way to catch up with a lot of old friends and at the same time share my testimony and watch it grow with this unique way of keeping in tuch with life! POTCIT