Thursday, June 18, 2009

Share Your Testimony!

Share Your Testimony! Holy Cow the Church is TRUE! So this summer, I may not be doing all the things that I wanted to get done... But I have had so many opportunities to be with the Sister Missionaries! um.. they are amazing! The Sisters that I have been able to serve with the last couple of weeks are Sister Milburn and Sister Harwood

It was Sister Harwoods birthday last Thursday. I had all of Raie's kids so it was pretty crazy and fun, Dallin helped me make a cake.. Well It was almost nine and the sisters were passing by the house so I made them stop, so the microwave cake did not cook long enough, and so this is what she got! It was perfect! The 23 candles were going everywhere.

I have come to love these two Lady's and will be sad when transfers come! I have had so many opportunities to share the Gospel and to help in this very important work! On little miracle..

*******Ben and I were having some people over for dinner, I felt like I should ask the man that lives next door, we have never been over (embarrassing) so when Ben got home we went over to ask if he would like to come over for dinner. As we apologized for not coming over before, we could not even ask him if he would like to come over for dinner when he asked if he had seen the Sister Missionaries over at our house.. (I was thinking "oh crap he is going to tell us to get of the porch and never come back).. he then insisted on us getting him a Book of Mormon, he said that he had been ready the Bible and really needed a Book of Mormon! I ran one over latter that night with some extra dinner.*******

There is so many opportunities for us to spread the Gospel, what is keeping us from doing it, SATAN, it is him, he is telling us we can't! Everyone WE CAN.

Please pray and ask who you need to help! The Church is True!

Love you all, Stay Strong in the Faith, Faith in Christ. POTCIT Well I better hit the books..