Friday, December 19, 2008

Do you ever fell like this?

Am I the only one that is feeling like this? I love Christmas time! I really do, but time is just speeding by and half the day I just walk around dizzy wondering what is going on? All my Christmas shopping is done, it was easy this year because Ben and I decided that we are not doing it this year. Party Poops I know, but we decided to give the money that we would use on ourselves and give it to a family that needed it.
Don't worry mom I told Ben we still have to get Pj's for our family tradition! Everyone needs a new pair of p.j's.
Anyways I just want you all to know I think about you all the time.. Ben and I are on our last weeks of classes.. and work is still their (thanks father in heaven). Anyways I will try to make my next post more exciting. Love you all! Marry Christmas.