Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well shot. For those of you that we see once in a while, you know that our lives have been very hectic! For those of you that we do not see once in a while OUR LIVES HAVE BEEN HECTIC!!

Ben and I have just finished up our 2ND courses of school, through University Of Phoenix on-line. We both our still enjoying it, although we are going to be paying off student loans for quite some time.. Such is life.

Ben recently started back up at an old job (Skyline Electric) where he has been treated like a king. This job has been a huge blessing in our lives. It has opened up the opportunity for me to work less hours at Home Depot! This makes me very happy! Home Depot has been a blessing in my life, but it is time to move on. April 23rd will be my two year mark, meaning 2 week vacation pay! I hope to hold out this long!

In my free time I am hoping to:

  • Spend more time at my house.

  • Play my Piano in hopes to become good enough to teach lessons soon.

  • Spend more time on my studies.

  • Spend more time with my family.

  • Spend more time with the Sister Missionaries in our stake.

  • Improve my homemaking skills.


This is but a small list! Life is so short and there is so much to do. I remember after I received my lengthy patriarchal blessing, I thought to myself " how in the world am I going to accomplish all of these things"? I still wonder this at times, but I think of an old Institute teacher that I was talking to about this one time.. he told me "now Ashlie remember, you have eternity"!

I don't know how the plan all works, but I do know that eternity would be pretty boring if we were not continually learning and progressing. But I don't really know, all we can do is do our best everyday.

Anyways I hope with more time of to keep you all updated, I know I sure love reading and seeing how your families are, so long for now.


David and RaieGene Robison Family said...

Hey little sister-
Don't forget a nap in there at least once a week. I alway found a good nap got me feeling a little better. Thanks for being you and loving the kids. They really love you. Just look at your phone log Mikayla has to call you at least twice a day. Anyway some good advice I got was to be happy at where you are in life right now don't wait for the "Whens". I had that problem.Wanting the when and missed out on the nows in some cases. The Lord LOVES you and knows your wants. OK Done with my soap box. LOVE YOU!! Talk to you soon.

BTS Family said...

I am hoping to see you a little bit more. We need to have a sibling game night at your cute apartment!